Cancel Winter / Press

"If the majors are hoping to sign someone before the end of the year, they should take a close look at Toronto's Cancel Winter...emo, new wave, indie and radio-friendly rock, all on one slickly produced record...infectious enough to be played on rock stations across the country.."

B. Borzykowski - NOW MAGAZINE

“Do you get more groupies than Nickelback? Why or why not? If they have more than one groupie, they have us beat. I’m guessing it’s because we are all practicing abstinence. It’s really a humanitarian effort I wouldn’t want to see what kind of offspring would emerge from any of us at this po”

MArk Medley - The National Post

“ Cancel Winter’s debut album..(is a) ..a catchy and memorable collection of indie rock songs… Liestillnow is a beautifully crafted album that ebbs and flows like every collection of songs should. ”


“It’s an Indie writers dream to listen to a well packaged, well produced album that is not only thought provoking, but is melodic and energetic enough to keep you up and finish the entire album.”

“Cancel Winter played one of the snowiest nights this winter, but they still managed to get people out of their houses and packed into the tiny, sweaty room at Rancho Relaxo. This indie rock quintet play some of the prettiest songs, but with a rock edge that means both guys and girls will like them.”

Jill Langlois - www.chartattack.com

“Cancel Winter is music for those days when you get on the subway during a bad storm - no, make that a torrential downpour, and when you get off at your stop, it’s suddenly sunny out and you just want to smile and buy a chocolate milk.”

Kristen Chamberlain - www.torontoindie.com

“(what) I like most about this album is how difficult I have found it to try to compartmentalize it into easy-to-review capsules..(it) sports a lot of catchy vocal melodies for something that also has so much atmosphere..&..hits with an epic layering that comes very close to bands such as Radiohead.”

Michael Bulko - www.twowaymonologues.com

“What grabs you most about this band in a live setting is their ability to re-create what you hear on CD. The players in this band are always tight, both individually and as a whole. The songs always come through loud and clear.”

“..Nate writes great hooks. Those little melodies and riffs that stick in your head for days. The chorus on "The Silence" is simple but has an intensity... The Beatles-esque organ on "Change" linked with the catchy chorus kept me signing that one long after.”

Jeremy Richardson - Fan review

“All told, the 5-piece proved to be purveyors of some very catchy hooks and just enough edge to keep them to the left of pop. It was also clear that Cancel Winter is an outfit that is comfortable on stage and would definitely merit seeing again during a more full-length set.”

NXNE show review - www.wolvesandhawkesandkites.com

“The second band was Cancel Winter.... Solid, powerful pop rock band that deserves a lot more attention. Where's Much Music and the Edge when you need them?”

? - http://sorryshootinginprogressstories.blogspot.com/