Caldecott / Press

“The band members offered a little live curation while their EP, Nomad, played over the sound system at Linden Street Brewery in West Oakland. (The owner, Adam Lamoreaux, is a good friend.) It starts off with a reverent ode to the East Bay capital, which name-checks Linden Street in the first line, and later mentions other local features (Blue Sky Coffee Shop, BART, Grand Avenue). The hook, which Rijavec sings in a throaty, croaky yowl, is remarkably sincere: You should have seen the look on my heart's face/When we found this space. It turns out the romance of Oakland is their favorite muse, though the band members also dwell on the occasional wretchedness of working in the service industry. Two of their other songs are called "Day Off" and "Weekend" — the first is pretty literal, the second uses "weekend" as a metaphor for alienation. (I'm living in a weekend ... Get away from the crowd.)”

“Caldecott’s Oakland-based roots rock hits with a satisfying crunch on their self-titled debut. While keeping the spirit of their Rock Bottom EP, it’s a polished step forward, aiming more towards the recent Bay Area garage rock scene than the hippie noodling of yore that one still associates with SF. It’s worth remembering that for all their Bayou affectations, Creedence Clearwater Revival came from the Bay Area, and Caldecott measures up in their straightforward approach. Venturing into the twisted songwriting sensibility of the Handsome Family on “Hoarder Of Love” and “Copy” establishes a difference from their peers. The twangy goodness of “Human Again” is the perfect entry point to an engaging straight-ahead rock endeavor.”