Cain Brown / Press

“YO YO YO That Take Me Away is Soooo Hot!!! If I was a rapper I would ride the hell outta that Beat!! Keep up the the Great Work”

R Dubs(Fan)

“Yea Im Cosignin on dat TAKE ME AWAY thoughtz were provoked------fa real”


“Cain You just get Better and Better with each new song.! I KNOW You are on Your Grind BIg Time.! You have a way of making me feel Your Songs.! This New Song "When I Started This" Is Absolutely Brilliant.!”

Cain Brown Beatz Fan Page

“Cain Brown Beatz "All Ova Da Web Like Spider Man!!!!"”

Manewva Mag

“You are a Very Gifted Sound Producer.!!!! I have listened to many of Your Songs and they just get Better and Better with each New Song that comes out.!!!! Never Give up on Your Dreams or Your Talent.!!!! You are the Man who Can when it comes to Sound, You are An Artist Extrodinaire.!!!!”

“If You like Good Sound Productions, Listen to Cain Brown, he is the man who can with Sound Production.!!!! Now listen all You Rap Artists don't all try to get at him at once.!!!! Cain is a Production Man Extraordinaire.!!!! Listen for yourself and see OK.!!!!”

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