Burn The Boats / Press

“The end result of all this is a sound which hearkens back to the finest traditions of old school thrash. Burn The Boats does not sound like any other one band in particular, but if they were on a bill with, let’s say, Death Angel, Forbidden, and Testament there would be no conflict with that. They are that badass.”

“That sickening scream that girders give in a building collapse -- that's what Burn the Boats vocalist Stevie Sims' opening howl sounded like. Having listened to the scattered recordings I found on social media, I wasn't fully prepared for this level of sonic assault.”

“Then it was right back downstairs again for the noisy shrieking of Burn the Boats. By this time, the club was beginning to fill up a bit as fans straggled in off the street. Heads commenced to banging as they were greeted with the crushing, tidal-force riffs of BTB songs like "Blood of the Titan" and "Release the Kraken."”

“Taking full advantage of the chance, BTB tore through a near-faultless set of their musical repertoire to include such terrific numbers as ‘Lost At Sea’ and ‘Boatman’, as well as ‘Second Smile’ and the soon-to-be classic hit ‘Kraken’. Someday, if you were at Rudyard’s early enough last Saturday, you can tell your kids you saw them play back when they were still nobody! That’s the beauty of covering very local music.”

“BTB has a sound that is fast and tight, unique in structure and composition, and entirely refreshing to listen to.”