Buenos Diaz / Press

“Simple, catchy … great solos and riffs that any listener would like”

WLOY Radio

“Singer song-writer acts that we’ll take a pedicab in inclement weather just to see”

Tour Worthy

“Buenos Diaz is a breath of fresh air”

Tipcow Music Blog

“One of the more impressive acts you can catch coming from the state capitol today”

Free Press Houston

“Trippy head music with a garage rock snarl”

The Austinot

“blues influenced guitar rock that’s full of pop influence, catchy hooks, and new wave elements … kind of like if Elvis Costello were a Texan”

Free Press Houston

“Psychedelic spoken word promoting and all-out reign of love”

See / Saw Music Blog

“Explores places even Frank Zappa might have never imagined.”

Houston Press

“2015’s Urbanized New Wave Texican is one of the catchiest albums you can hear”

Free Press Houston

“Wonderfully successful mixture of Tex-Mex balladry and fifties pop”

JP's Music Blog

“Guitarist Nick Diaz is a musical chameleon who negotiates his cinematic shifts and twists with passion and purpose”

Guitar Player Magazine

“It's rare to find young blues guitar demigods who are embodying the spirit of the music ... to find one who's savvy and talented enough to incorporate other styles into the mix ... Nick Diaz delivers on all of the above ... Smart guitar wizards are hard to come by”

Offbeat Magazine