“Whatever else you can say about this blog, you can say that we pay attention to you, our loyal readers. Again, I solicited your recommendations for ‘Billy Monday, and again. you came through. Last week when I solicited your recommendations Strangefellas (@strangefellas) suggested Brutally Frank from Joplin, Missouri. And a good recommendation it was. I guess since I leave this open to all ‘billy styles, I should say that the best way to describe this band is punkabilly. This band plays its songs at a feverish pitch. Frankly, if I were going to guess where this band is from, I would have guessed Boston. It has that same loud and fast sound and the gritty vocals are reminiscent of both Al Barr of Dropkick Murphys and Dickie Barrett of Mighty Mighty Bosstones. The ‘billy aspect of this band comes from the upright bass. I’ll tell you one thing. It must be amazing to see this guy play live because he absolutely beats the stuffing out of that bass. If you want a good example, listen”

“If Left Alone and Ghoultown joined forces and added some mayhem, chaos and quality, Brutally Frank would be the end result. Hailing from Missouri, punkabilly might describe this band more than their rocknroll title. Brutally Frank was an unstoppable, raving ball of energy with their taut, pounding drums, brusquely played electric guitar, and a thumping, swiftly played bass. They made you lose yourself in the music, as much as they lost themselves. They recorded “Grip,” live, from their 2004 album, “TH1RT3N,” which sounded better than the recording. Drummer Mell sang for one song in a sweet alto that snarled, comparable to Patricia Day from HorrorPops, whilst playing menacing drums. The only downside to this set was that for almost the first half, the guitar practically drowned out the drums and bass. This was thankfully fixed, and the crowd was able to enjoy the rest of Brutally Frank’s set.”

“Who knew Joplin,MO would produce such a powerhouse punkabilly trio? Damn fine songwriting and the chops to match.”

Psychobilly US Records

“This three-piece band has managed to push all the right buttons, fiddle with all the right knobs and dial in something special. They peg themselves as Midwest Punkabilly, hailing from Joplin,MO and that sums them up pretty well. There's an overdriven rockabilly guitar tone, upright bass and enough punk edge to make you grin from ear to ear below the chin. The guitar licks rage out of control, the energy broods then surges and the production is as dirty as their minds. The sounds register in the brain stem and spread through your nervous system like Mexicans across North America. No frills. No bullshit. No kidding.”

BL - Rock and Roll Purgatory No. 14

“One of the most promising new bands in the genre.”

Punk Planet Magazine NO. 71

“Hands down, the craziest punk/psycho/rockabilly I have ever laid witness to.”