The Rayo Brothers / Press

“[Take You for a Drive] is wrapped in very well-written songs that show off not only their songwriting chops but great banjo playing that takes the lead, subtle steel guitars and dynamic string work.... Catchy with a strong songwriting depth that transcends both old-timey and country limitations, Drive is not merely a “paint by numbers” affair.”

“The sounds of these rad youngsters is polished, energetic, and fresh, making you want to dance and sing along. But if you sit still long enough, you’ll be moved just by the sound and lyrics from this talented group.... And they’re only getting better.”

“The band’s forthcoming album is reflective of that ethereal, folksy vibe they are proud to call their own.... [W]hen the music starts up, one thing is obvious: The Rayo Brothers aren’t afraid to uproot their Cajun influences and explore the unknown.”

“Their mix of Gospel, folk, and their Cajun roots with new-wave rock elements are sure to be groundbreaking.”

“If you haven't been to a Rayo Brothers show, you're going to be insanely impressed.... They somehow manage to successfully strike a balance between lively and relaxed. The music, upbeat and invigorating.... when artists are making music for the sake of a good time, the results are going to be phenomenal, and they're a prime example.”

“The Brothers use their Acadian roots and formidable musical heritage ... to their advantage. ... Gunslinger boasts a mix of rock, blues, country and—yes—folk to build a unique tapestry of Americana that lends a visceral edge that is missing from most folk throwback acts. ... Rayo Brothers’ keen musicianship and multi-instrumentalism ... propels the album to often-thriving heights.”

“The bold vocals of Daniel Reaux on these original songs written with the help of his brothers and bandmates make Gunslinger a precious piece of modern American folk music. The Rayo Brothers' debut release shows the extreme talent of these modest young men raised in the Acadiana countryside.”

Louis Michot - Lost Bayou Ramblers

"A folk band reminiscent of an up-and-coming Mumford and Sons...."

“Even from a distance, you could tell the band members are related. They harmonized with each other effortlessly and nodded their heads in unison. This wasn’t overdone showmanship; this was inherent to them. They were in front of a responsive crowd, and they got into it. They fed off each other.”

“The Rayo Brothers are one-part GQ, one-part string band, and all fun. You could say the band sounds like Mumford & Sons' cousins from the South. They throw in a few originals but also folk up a few hard rockers to get the crowd rowdy.”