Broadslab / Press

“A classic sludge monster of sewage metal fused with southern blues flavor and a definite Acid Bath/Crowbar/Eyehategod influence felt heavily throughout...The fusion of southern 70’s soul and boogie rock fused with sludge and metal makes this album and band hotter than a branding iron on your sweaty skin.”

“For those with a hearty appetite for southern metal, Broadslab is a meal that you’ll find quite rewarding.”

“Offering everything from Ozzy Osbourne-style mysticism to Corrosion of Conformity-inspired sludge along with subtle hints of mid-1960s proto-punk in the tradition of cult icons The Seeds.”

“There is nothing lacking here, period, in terms of riffs, rhythm and swagger, this is true outlaw rock with a cloud of THC surrounding it...”

“Broadslab have some serious power groove going on. They shine most with their fierce dual guitar attack and introspective keyboard lines.”

“A six-piece outfit from eastern North Carolina, Broadslab refuses to be bound by contemporary metal standards. Although some of its songs feature the kind of screeching vocals often heard on modern metal records, the band also shows a knack for blending other elements into its unique sound.”

"An underground band with the most groove I've heard in a long time!"

Misterss Juliya - FuseTV, Maxim Magazine

“Broadslab goes for the pharmaceuticals, too, but their viscous metal pummels and pauses, thanks to an irregular diet of extreme uppers and downers.”

"If the Allman Brothers, Black Sabbath and Captain Beyond had a threesome, Broadslab would be the dirty result."

Tony "Dio" Leonard - North Carolina concert promoter, the Man

"Broadslab, finally bringing some bad ass NC music to the rest of the world. Keep on kicking ass you guys and if that doesn't work hammer a fucking nail in their head."

the Reverend B. Dangerous - Freak Show, Fomer Ozzfest host