Brigitte DeMeyer / Press

“Brigitte DeMeyer is the first artist I've ever booked sight unseen after listening to her new CD - Rose Of Jericho!”

"Brigitte DeMeyer has earned herself the reputation as being one of the hardest working singer-songwriters of the moment. With her mix of bluegrass and gospel style vocals, Brigitte provides us with a new vision for country music."


"DeMeyer's music could be called "blue-eyed country soul." Her strong lead vocals have a wonderful fluidity. Her strong flexible voice effortlessly bends notes with a honey-coated creativity."

Vintage Guitar

"With an earthy soulful voice, [DeMeyer] comes off sounding like Shelby Lynne and Allison Moorer's unknown sister...

No Depression

“On tracks like the folky “One Wish,” the greasy “”Amen Said the Deacon” and the atmospheric blues “Sip Molasses,” Brigitte's southern soul delivery brings to mind Bonnie Raitt (whom she cites as an early influence) and Emmylou Harris. But on “Alright A-Coming” and “Say Big Poppa” — — her sultry delivery and laid-back phrasing is more reminiscent of vintage Rickie Lee Jones.”

Jack Silverman - Nashville Scene

“Most notable is DeMeyer’s spicy vocal delivery. There seems to be a fiery mix going on in her throat on almost every word she sings as she swallows, swishes, and spits out her lyrics as if she’s some kind of metaphorical wine taster.”

Steve Horowitz - PopMatters

"Say Big Papa" Brigitte DeMeyer Rose of Jericho (BDM) - I'm a sucker for the pure vocal punch of an Americana muse. Add Ms. DeMeyer to my list. Relocating to Nashville has certainly afforded her some stellar local musical support for her fifth effort. And former Emmylou Spy Boy Brady Blade adds his production and drumming chops, too.