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“We absolutely love sharing new music with you guys and we just HAD to share this song by one of our new favorite singer-songwriters, Brian Mackey! “Are You Listening” is such a beautiful tune and we can’t get enough of it. So, we’re premiering it exclusively – just for you guys! Hear it here and fall in love with Brian Mackey:”

“If you’re going to make a video for a song called “America,” you should go right to the source. That’s the concept behind Brian Mackey’s newest music video. The footage stretches from Seattle to Seaside, New Jersey, with a few nice shots in Nashville to boot.”

“Brian's Live show at the Knitting Factory in it’s entirety was like a blind date: I came with high expectations that I never expected would be met, but when they were exceeded, I was disappointed by how short Mackey's set seemed. It felt like it only lasted about 25 minutes, but I was probably there for an hour and just didn’t realize it. He was just that good...”

“Mackey & his music are everywhere these days. ‘Honest Love’ is a make-you-smile upbeat americana-countryish-worldbeat tune...”

“As you will witness for yourself, his latest song, “Honest Love” takes the meaning of an awesome hook to a whole new level. There has not been this type of feeling in the music industry in a long time. We are glad to have Brian in the ranks of the great independent musicians during these incredible changing times in music history. ”

“Brian's six-song EP, Honest Love, is a masterpiece...”

“The songs range from pop to rock but they all have something to say lyrically also. They remind me of Lennon/McCartney compositions and I see nothing but great things ahead for Brian Mackey.”

“I’ve listened to his songs a few times already and every time I do, I always end up with this cheery tune playing over and over again in my head. You’d actually get a sense of happiness and a bit of a romance that you’d feel so much better after listening to each and every song. The sound is ultimately relaxing at the same time very refreshing — just right to make you want to listen to his voice over and over again. ”

“Sincerity is an important thing. Sometimes, some musicians forget but not Brian Mackey. He is quite captivating. This is an artist that you must absolutely check out...”

“Brian Mackey can be described as a singer-songwriter putting a modern swing on the time-tested genre romantic ballad’s. His simplistic songs cut to the core, without any of the fluff and over-production found in most singer-songwriters.”

““Brilliant, soothing, eclectic, dominate and sexy are just some of the adjectives that best describes Brian Mackey”.”

John Byrnes - pr-inside.com

“July 2nd at New York’s Bitter End was like being in an iPod commercial. There was music that lifted you to new heights all thanks to Brian Mackey who performed in front of a sold-out crowd of fans. ”

John Byrnes - pr-inside.com

“Looking for music to chill to on a sunday afternoon? Be sure to check out Brian Mackey. His powerful vocals and song writing skill will amaze you. If I were working in the radio station, I would definetly have his song up my channel.”