“Take Five With Brian Eaton (Interview)...”

“You can read a lot of doom into a title like this, but Brian Eaton decides to take the more slow and thoughtful route with 'All the Earth Will Mourn.' The EP is a beautiful meditation drifting through an impressive range of emotional shades; while the title track does have a somber gravity to its ambient haze, the program soon starts spinning evocative paintings of spiritual and celestial beauty as well. Eaton's studio collage could be shuffled quite comfortably into playlists alongside Brian Eno or Tangerine Dream; he shares their attention to detail as well as a willingness to stand back and let the notes simply hang and ring in the emptiness. A guitar solo or shimmering electronic groove might add some judicious energy here and there; otherwise a cocoon of light rhythms and spacey drones is enough to convey a little awe or understated grandeur on its own. It's an immersive production that doesn't need any flash or complexity, just the patience to float and simply exist.”

“Brian Eaton Unveils New Album, ‘All The Earth Will Mourn,’ With Help From A Couple Of His Favorite Artists”

“Brian Eaton Unveils New Album, 'All the Earth Will Mourn,' with Help from Two of His Favorite Jazz Artists”

“I really enjoyed listening to Brian’s new album. The ambient element in his music made me feel good right from the beginning of the first track, like an escape from all the stressful events we are living through on planet earth. I also like his choice of sounds and the whole production concept. Well done!”

“Eaton’s fourth album continues to explore new territory within jazz fusion...”

“A variety of influences in play on Brian Eaton's new album, 'All The Earth Will Mourn.'”

“'All The Earth Will Mourn' is a beautiful sounding album that will take its listeners on a wonderful musical ride they’ll be happy they made. The concept, compositions and orchestrations, as well as the playing and recording, are all first-rate. Congratulations Brian and Bravo!!!”

“Brian Eaton is an amazing composer and artist.”

“Stumptown Solo Artist Brian Eaton Announces Thoughtful New Album, All The Earth Will Mourn, Out August 26”

"The Known Space Project by Brian Eaton is a great album to wake up to in the morning.. A perfect start to the day. Sparse and evocative, a stand-out in the current instrumental music bouquet."

“Rose City Musician, Brian Eaton, Releases An Unexpected & Eclectic Proggy-Jazz, Bass-Centric Project”

“The track 'Not Where, But When' featured as Song Of The Day at All About Jazz.”

“Brian Eaton's new album, 'The Known Space Project,' is beautiful music with a lot of vibe that has been taking me on a journey. Exactly what my soul needed. Thanks so much Brian!”

“The new instrumental album consists of nine original compositions showcasing the multi- instrumentalist’s diversity as a multi-genre artist. Eaton’s new project is an eclectic expanse of ethereal atmospheres and fields of magnetic, lyrical melodies orbiting a core of contemporary jazz and prog idioms.”

“The Known Space Project, by Brian Eaton, features bass guitar as the lead instrument for much of the instrumental album including the proggy, upbeat 'Four String Theory,' in which all the tracks for the entire song (including the drum/percussion sounds) were created using bass, making it quite unique.”

“He’s coming back to his jazz fusion roots. It’s a fun album.”

“Ten Years ago, multi talented singer, producer, musician and songwriter Brian Eaton proved he could perform any music genre with his debut solo album, Graphic Nature. Brian returns with a futuristic, spacy, rock fusion instrumental record.”

“Brian Eaton is a one in a million solo artist, producer and music arranger.”

“Brian Eaton is a studio wizard and a diverse performer, playing everything from industrial metal to top 40 radio pop.”

“Brian Eaton's cover version of 'Crazy' rated #1 BEST performance over Alanis Morissette, Morgan James, and many other artists...”

“Brian Eaton’s single, “Defenseless,” is a gritty, acoustic rock song centered around the tragedy of war...Eaton delivers a rough and powerful approach to his vocals, while layering an electric slide guitar as an emotional Richter scale over a bed of acoustic guitars and strings. The lyrics project the feeling of helplessness so many touched by war feel from its effects and aftershocks. Echoes of Pink Floyd and Porcupine Tree can be heard within the recording.”

“'Defenseless' was by far my favorite...This song, although sad in nature, was beautifully done acoustically...The lyrics are deep and meaningful. Eaton’s Hard Bent is actually a masterfully told story as if you were living the experience for yourself through the emotions of his songs. I applaud Brian for his vast talent.”

“Hard Bent...A harrowing collection of ten songs...Despite the dark subject the music has an alluring attraction in which the listener becomes fully engrossed through its roughly forty nine minutes journey.”

“[Hard Bent,] Nine Inch Nails meets My Life In The Bush of Ghosts. Way Cool. I'm a fan!”

“Hard Bent...is reminiscent of Eaton’s origins with his hard-hitting alternative/industrial metal band, North.”

“Brian Eaton’s Graphic Nature full-length is a one-man rock show. After spending nearly 20 years producing other bands, Eaton stepped out from the desk to write, perform, and record all the instruments and vocals as well as produce, engineer, and mix his debut. Eaton utilizes a vast range of styles with inspiring lyrics about the struggles of the human condition. Graphic Nature displays the tenacity of the Foo Fighters, the diverse proginess of Porcupine Tree, and the sensible pop qualities of The Fray. Eerie Queensrÿche-ish monster tribal drum rhythms, acoustic guitar, and prog synths open “Sobriety,” and a cover of Seal’s “Crazy” is pulled off surprisingly well, ultimately making it his own. Eaton is a multi-talented, multi-instrumentalist with multi-tasking abilities.”

“As a true solo artist, Eaton wrote, performed and recorded all the instruments and vocals on his new release of which several tracks have received significant airplay.”

“BRIAN EATON's new solo project, Graphic Nature, is a force to be reckoned with in the rock/pop genre...”

“Graphic Nature displays the tenacity of the Foo Fighters, the diverse proginess of Porcupine Tree, and the sensible pop qualities of The Fray...Eaton is a multi-talented, multi-instrumentalist with multi-tasking abilities.”

“Brian Eaton is a versatile one man show. The production, vocals and guitar soloing are spectacular.”