Brenin's Light / Press

“What a treat it was to hear the layers of ethereal love projected from David's thoughtfully performed Celtic oriented pieces. David's enchanting phrasing and vibrant, lyrical soft edges meld and engage the mind, spirit, and body into the truest innate love and wholeness.”

Jennifer Jacobsen - Marco Fuoco art gallery

“Hauntingly beautiful..”

Laurie Hicklin - Artist-Hicklinart

"I truly enjoyed Brenin's Light and found it comforting and enlightening. It was very soothing for the mind and let your mind rest. I found it completely relaxing. Not all music is something we can relax to, especially the hardcore music. It's great for going out and being young, but this was so 'free'. It made you feel good and your mind. Like meditation for the ears."

Vera Ramone King - -

“Kind of a back to nature cd..It relaxes you.. makes the mind feel at one with the universe..”

“I think you're on to something here..Congratulations, I put you on the playlist.....keep 'em coming my friend.”