Bre Kennedy / Press

“New York, NY (Top40 Charts) 21 year old Pop / Country artist Breanna Kennedy's debut single " Why Can't I Love You " will be released this month on J.O.T.S Records. The single can best be described as a song with a powerful vocal performance , memorable lyrics / hook and a retro live band feel to it.”

“Breanna Kennedy's new single gets you ready for her upcoming EP”

“We got a new single from a young talent by the name of Breanna Kennedy today and have been playing it all day”

“Keep an eye on Breanna Kennedy as her career develops. Her beauty, voice, and grace on stage mean that a label will snatch her up soon enough.”

“Breanna Kennedy’s voice has an effortless strength to it and an enviably sexy rasp. It’s the first thing you’ll notice about her. With a chameleon-like flexibility, it’s bluesy on one song, fragile on another, and occasionally has echoes of ‘90s power-woman rock. It glides over melodies into high upper registers and then sinks down into a low hum.”

“2014 has been quite the year for the young,dazzling Singer/Songwriter Breanna Kennedy”

“She’s got songs that make you move and songs that are perfect for a good girls’ night. She even has songs that pierce your soul. Like my usual favorite female artists, Bre stands for something.”

“Bre is working with organizations that support those who struggle with depression, such as TWLOHA, as well as women’s shelters.”

“Breanna Kennedy. It seems like I’m including one adult alternative track per mix. This week’s AA track features a nicely understated chorus; it’s great to not hear a gigantic instrumental explosion every now and then.”

"Although Breanna Kennedy is a youthful 21 years old, much like singer-songwriter Adele, her sound is well beyond her years" " She’s Falling” is a song that really hits home as it is a breathtaking snapshot into the many experiences that often influence and inspire artists along their musical walks"

“She's Falling" is a catchy, folk/pop arrangement that is appealing to the ear, while Kennedy's lyrics tackle observing the descent of someone you love. The song is brilliant in its honesty and meticulous construction, and Kennedy sells it all with a wonderfully sensuous and smoky alto. Don't be surprised if "She's Falling" becomes a sort of licensing grail for 2014.”

“21 year old singer,song writer Breanna Kennedy releases this powerful , sad yet uplifting song Shes Falling, dedicated to her late sister Destiny… Such a brave song for such a young artist….”

“Breanna Kennedy is a song-writer and performer whose music is heartfelt and personal, deeply connected with her personal stories and experiences. Hailing from Salt Lake City, Utah, Breanna began to write about a tragic event in her life: the tragic departed of her sister, Destiny. Her sorrow turned into a beautiful song co-written by fellow artist Eric Berdon. The track is titled “She’s Falling”, and it is an emotional ballad with a lot of soul, portraying the depth of the bond that only two sisters could share. Breanna is a singer with a powerful and clear voice. The striking thing is her versatility: she can be as soft and light as a feather, or as sharp as a blade, allowing her emotion to cut through the mix. The bright and organic tones of her acoustic guitar complement her vocals perfectly.”