Breakthrough / Press

“A lot of people have had the same experiences. A lot of people have been in the same places, and if you write about that, and you write about the thing that helped you get through that, then that crosses lines.”

“Hadde de vært elleve sosken, kunne de dannet et fotball-lag, men siden de ikke er flere enn syv, ble det band i stedet. Soskenflokken Medin fra Minneapolis i USA fikk for tre ar siden et trommesett, et keyboard og et par gitarer fra foreldrene sine, og siden den gang har de sunget og spilt sammen”

“In addition to hearing stories of hardship around them, the siblings had to work together to fight the smaller daily battles that come with being on tour. On their first day traveling, the rear passenger wheel of their truck flew off suddenly.”

"Our songs are different, and that is intentional. We don't want to be boring, complacent, or stagnant."

"Their second album has just been released, “Eve of War” and the band says their goal through music is to make a difference, change, or a breakthrough in someone’s life."

“Wayne Eddy Affair radio interview. Breakthrough discusses life as a band, songs, and more. Includes live acoustic performances.”

“You might think that playing music alongside your siblings would make your band that much stronger, having known each other your whole lives. PJ Medin, the oldest member of the band Breakthrough at age 21, says the opposite is more accurate. “The band actually strengthens our sibling bond,” he said, “so I would say it’s brought us all closer together and it’s really challenged us to be more of a team.””

““I’ve been meeting bands all my life and hanging with bands for the longest time and I’ve never met a group of people that want it as bad as they do, or believe it as much as they do,” Hoffmann said. “When I’m with them I feel like I’m a part of something a lot bigger than myself, something that has a message behind it, something that I support wholeheartedly. I would definitely say because of Breakthrough my faith in God has been strengthened.””

“Breakthrough returns with a second album even greater & with evolving sophisticated songs that may surprise you if you are also familiar with their epic premiere LP! Absolutely world class rockers with soaring guitar solos & awesome harmonies & melodies! I have been listening to this album since the first of this year & it is STILL in my car's DVD 6-disc magazine selection ! My favorite songs are the powerful "Rememberance" the intensely personal & tender "A Short Fuse" & the awesome title song, "The Eve of War" ! PLUS there are several guest stars on a couple of tunes, including the mega mega talented Christopherson brothers & rising European superstars Debra & Daniel Medin!”

““A complaint that you hear about the news is that there’s nothing positive on the media,” said PJ, the 18-year-old lead guitarist in the Medins’ band, Breakthrough. “All the pressure kind of comes down on you, and it’s like, we need to do something about it.””