BRAY / Press

"Hard-Hitting bass and drum grooves backing a three guitar attack of raw tones all circling around gritty soulful vocals"

"(Pins and Needles) moves with an aggressive vivacity of a live show or a one night stand. It's raw. It's sexy. And it's geared for a good time."

Robbie Salapuddin - The Owl Mag

"Charismatic and powerful. Bray and his band blow the doors off the joint! He's radio ready with plenty of hits as well."

Dr. Fink (keyboardist, Prince and the Revolution) - musician

"Bray's CD is one of the best recordings I've heard. I wouldn't be surprised at all if he lands a recording contract."

"Bray's musical persona screams STAR."

"Bray is undefeated in the originality category."