brassknuckle boys / Press

“BRASSKNUCKLE BOYS, don't let the thuggish name fool you, these guys have undeniable power,like the GC5. They artfully tease the lines between Oi!, pride, and old fashioned kick-ass songwriting and also turn TOM PETTY's "American Girl" into a rough anthem, which is the power to all their songs. Great split." - Todd”

todd - razorcake magazine

“Before hearing them I pegged the BRASSKNUCKLE BOYS for a ropey skin band, but was way off the mark-these Midwest thugs kick down some strong streetpunk with a rock edge. I highly recommend this release even though the tracks are pretty old, 'cause it's easily as good as anything out right now. Nice." (TB)”

tb - maximum rock n roll #286

“From the first track to the last, the BRASSKNUCKLE BOYS charge along at a blistering pace but keep the songs rock solid the whole time.”

razor blades and angry faces (uk)

“As far as comparisons go, well that’s a tough one. They answer to no one, inventing their own style and sound that is pure punk but is also pure 100% American Rock N’ Roll.”

larry lugs hernandez - skratch magazine

“No fake English accents here. Just pure Americana throaty growling with a melodic edge. The music itself pays homage to old school punk, dirty roadhouse blues and some straight up backroom whiskey country. In fact Mark and crew kick up the Johnny Cash/Kris Kristofferson classic “Sunday Morning Coming Down” with such viral and intensity, you’d of thought they wrote it.”

larry hernandez - skratch/americore magazine

“...where other bands only dabble with this sound, the BRASSKNUCKLE BOYS have mastered it. The frustration and desperation is palpable in these songs. It’s real, and you can tell...”

sean carswell - razorcake magazine

“I have thousands of punk/Oi!/skinhead LPs and CDs. This ranks in the top ten, easily the best American release over the past 30 years or so. Why is it so good? Well, the lyrics are great tales of life in the USA gutter, with the working class label being a badge of honour. The music is rock solid - chock full of classy bass lines, manic drums and some superb guitar lines, lines that remind me, funnily enough, of Swedish garage punksters The Nomads. The solo in First Signs of Light is stunning and will stick in your head for weeks. A real shame, then, that they split after their second CD Appalachian Industry - an equally good CD. I should add that Bandworm records have also released a CD of old versions and a few new songs, including a cover of an Anti Heros track - the only band that comes close to Brassknuckle Boys.”