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“With The Devil Made Me Do It, Brand New Machine takes the new school to task with classic old school melodic hard rock and basically whips their collective asses with some fine tunes.”

“Tell me about the “Girls Like You” video shoot. It didn’t exactly look like you were having a terrible time! Girls, guitars, fast cars, and Rock ‘n’ Roll…ya, it was torture! At the time we had cameras following us around from the recording studio, to our rehearsals, and on tour so it was really more just capturing a “Day in the Life” of Brand New Machine. What’s next for Brand New Machine? Our new album The Devil Made Me Do It drops July 23rd so we’ll be back out on tour in support of the release. Check out: http://www.brandnewmachine.net for news, updates, and tour dates we’ll be releasing soon! What would you like to say to your fans and everyone who catches the new video? You guys are amazing, thank you for all your support! Pass the video link on to your friends, pick up our new single, grab a copy of the album as soon as it hits the shelves, and buckle up bitches! Like the song says,”

“Hard rock powerhouse Brand New Machine will release their new album The Devil Made Me Do ItJuly 23. The Devil Made Me Do It was recorded at Validus Recording Studios in Los Angeles, CA under the watchful eye of producer/mixer Ryan Greene (Alice Cooper, Cheap Trick). “The album ended up being everything we set out to create. It’s just raw rock ‘n’ roll riffs with soaring anthem hooks and melodies,” said Brand New Machine bassist Wiley Oliver. “Everyone in the band has a diverse background which helped us create a unique sound in a familiar genre. If you are a rock ‘n’ roll fan at heart you will hear, feel, and identify with this album immediately.” Brand New Machine recently returned from touring overseas supporting Guns N’ Roses on select dates and will be touring this summer. The band is currently riding high off the success of their current single “Girls Like You.””

““If Ya Wanna Party, Let’s Get Down and Dirty” And that’s exactly how this past Tuesday began. I had the rare opportunity to spend some time in the recording studio with Brand New Machine, an American hard rock band from right here in Dallas, TX! If you haven’t heard their music, you have been missing out. BNM is a real force of nature, a powerhouse in a genre that has been untapped for too long. Let’s just say they are bringing real rock back to the music scene. BNM is a culmination of styles ranging from the attitude of old school rock and modern hard rock, all wrapped up into one big party. ”