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“Brad Dunn Band proudly use Clayton Guitar Picks and Accessories.”

“Brad Dunn & Ellis Country's no-frills country is taut throughout Ranch Cat. Dunn aims his Strait-arrow approach on surefire country rockers like "Red White and Blue" and the multigenerational murder ballad "Feed the Chickens" with aplomb. Name-dropping Willie and Robert Earl doesn't hurt, either.”

“ "Ranch Cat" is a triumph of the highest order, and fans of traditional and Texas country will want to run - not walk - to see Brad Dunn & Ellis County in concert. These country boys know how to make sweet country music, and here's hoping another 14 songs make their way out of the ranch real soon. TexasCountryChart.com ”

“Perhaps the hottest sounding performance of the day came from some unknown Texans billed as Brad Dunn & Ellis County. They’re an Austin bar band. Their CD shines with promise. Hands down, my DisCovery Award of the week BRAD DUNN & ELLIS COUNTY/Red White And Blue Writer: Brad Dunn & Ellis County; Producer: Kevin Szymanski, Brad Dunn & Ellis County; Publisher: none listed; BD (track) (www.reverbnation.com/bradleyddunn) —The grinding groove makes it sound kind of like a countrified ZZ Top. The title refers to the Texas state flag, and everything about this screams Lone Star State roadhouse rawk. The song and performance are both loaded with sweaty macho attitude. I’ll bet these guys are great live. Even the ballads on the band’s Ranch Cat album seethe with personality and individuality.”

“Brad Dunn and Ellis County release another spectacular Country album, "Ranch Cat." This CD shines with its finely crafted songs that are vibrant and upbeat, offers exceptional lead vocals and harmonies, and first rate instrumentation. Opening up the album, "3 Days In Mexico," charms you with its catchy melody and colorful flavors of Country tonality. Another song, "Red White and Blue," is Country Rock at its best as the lead vocals groove with an in your face attitude. The song, "Knock Em Down," is another great tune with a fun, bouncy beat and solid vocals. The last song, "Southern Wind," is a great acoustic song as the guitar, bass, and fiddle complement the charming vocals and harmony. If you are into Country music, then you will find this album to be absolutely entertaining. Fans of George Strait will really enjoy the fantastic collection of Country songs on the superb CD, "Ranch Cat." ”

“Meet Bradley D. Dunn, one of Austin’s up-and-coming songwriters. A good man with a beautiful family, a day job, a solid golf game and tons of songwriting talent spanning several genres of music.”