Brad Colerick / Press

“[Tucson] is easily one of the best independent Americana albums released in 2014.”

"Colerick's stories are worth hearing in part because he makes singing sound so easy. His warm, sunny, homey tenor brings alive the characters, places and relationships in these 11 songs."

“One of a baker's dozen of acts to watch in the folk community around the world”

Billboard Magazine

"[Tucson] is one road trip that is such a pleasure to go on, you won’t want it to end."

"Brad Colerick was a new name to me before this album arrived… I will certainly make sure I catch his next [one], but for the time being this charming and well crafted collection will be getting a lot of plays in our house."

“If traditional country music is looking for a new savior, Brad Colerick could very well fill the dusty shoes of the greats that came before him”

Metronome Magazine

“This is the thinking person’s roots-folk-pop music that doesn’t leave a saccharin taste and may bring a tear to the eye on occasion”

“Beautiful, soaring harmonies and excellent playing... combine to produce and almost faultless sounding CD”