Bowlsey / Press

“Elder, the new five-song EP from neo-soul and hip-hop outfit Bowlsey, is the group’s most wholesome listening experience yet.”

"[Bowlsey's] genre defying mix of hip-hop, jazz, pop, and lounge music was easily the day's most unique confluence of sounds. Organ, horns, instruments I had never seen before -- they were all present during the quaint Oklahoma City four-piece's set." Zach Hale Oklahoma Gazette SXSW 2014

Zach Hale - Oklahoma Gazette

“The mellow hip-hop and chill-pop vibes of Oklahoma City’s Bowlsey set the afternoon off at a very easygoing pace. Composed of organ, acoustic guitar, synths and gentle beats, the trio’s tunes casually made their way to my ears. Its spartan musical arrangements put the focus squarely on the vocals. Two of the three members were vocalists, as a male rapper and a female rapper/singer took turns on microphone detail. His tone was clear, strongly listenable and especially memorable. Their closer put all the pieces of the puzzle together, with her vocals complementing the rapped lyrics as a solid arrangement played beneath them. It was a striking turn. ”