Whiskey Bent / Press

“Awesome stuff... reminds me of a mix of Driving 'n' Crying with hints of Faster Pussycat, Buckcherry, The Black Crowes and Junkyard!”

Al Bigz from Chyldz Play on Son of Jameson

“LOVED... IT... ALL... Old Aerosmith, a drive by Alice In Chains, a whiff in the air of Tool.. Tasty everything, good recording (but I knew you'd have that)! Love the lyrics, the pump, the jazz, the smazz, the wazz. GOOD singin' Like the guitar solos nice. Good drummer, all very good everywhere. ”

Michael Angelo

“Whiskey Bent is bringing back “good-time rock and roll’ to the local music scene.”

“If your good times involve cranked up Marshall stacks and Gibson guitars, then Whiskey Bent might just have your number.."”