Bootleg Glory / Press

"Blending elements of southern-influenced rock (Kings Of Leon) with garage-blues intensity (The White Stripes, The Vines) this five-piece cranked out a car-crash of breakneck riffs, rasping vocals, and anthemic choruses (highlighted by a Neil Young cover) with their high-energy show taking a front seat, cutting loose onstage like 70’s hard rock in it’s heyday."

The Lonely Vagabond

"...manic rock 'n' roll... Swaggering party band just short of arms around the neck hands clasping Jack Daniels Glimmer Twins debauchery."

- Will McGuirk, writer for Oshawa/Whitby this week

"Bootleg Glory, frequently being compared to the likes of The Kings Of Leon, The Vines and The White Stripes are a sophisticated high energy blend of ‘southern-influenced’ rock and ‘garage blues,’among other things, and we loved their energy! Rocking is an understatement, the guys, each finely skilled at their own instruments bring a collaborative effort that we couldn’t keep our eyes off, and we’re country fans! What we were most attracted to was the lead singer’s Modest Mouse-esque vocals."

Twin Love, Nashville Tennessee music blog