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"As I listened in awe of some of the tightest rock ‘n’ roll I have ever heard live, I was struck abruptly by the band’s sincere authenticity. Their sound is purely their own, combining elements of punk, reggae, blues, hip-hop, and funk. Their music is not easily definable and falls under several categories, as is usually the case with any good band. They captured a raw and spirited passion that helped blur the lines of self-expression with rock & roll."

"BH4J are a rock/funk/reggae group of cannabis connoisseurs that know how to make your “Tuesday’s feel like Friday’s” and your “Friday’s feel like New Year’s Eve”. Riding high, quite literally, off of their latest EP, “Low Rent Hustlers”, released last September, the guys have hit the road running. After touring through Southern California and traveling back to the East Coast to play festivals like Jam @ the Dam, the Irie Vibes and Hemp Heals, they’ve summoned the kind of stoner-swag that breathes a life of its own. And now, to keep the ball rolling, they’ve been aptly appointed as 93.3 WMMR’s Local Artist of the Month."

"Ten free Musikfest 2013 performances not to miss: This year will feature multiple stages of free music. Here are 10 shows you do not want to miss: Bong Hits for Jesus, 9 to 11 p.m. Tuesday, Volksplatz: With a name like that, there really is not much need for an explanation; suffice to say these Philadelphia alt-rockers — drawing heavily on 90s stoner-rock and reggae — have some wicked solos and are pretty darn heavenly."

“Bong Hits for Jesus is an all-out party of rock, punk, funk, reggae, hip-hop, and more blended together into an “undeniably original” and “refreshingly entertaining" rock circus. The band is named after the Supreme Court Free Speech case, and the band stands for freedom of speech, self-expression, and most importantly, having fun!”

"Next up was Bong Hits For Jesus, a band perhaps uniquely situated to celebrate the confluence of holidays represented by Easter and 4/20 falling on the same day. Their reggae-inflected set took full advantage of that fact, putting zoot-suited saxophonist Andrew Donaghy through his paces along with the rest of the disco ball coated band for a jam band style set that kept the party going throughout. Their closing medley, including a rendition of Sublime stoner anthem “Smoke Two Joints”, sent that momentum straight to the merch table, where they rapidly ran out of their band logo t-shirts."

"This album is amazing, it shows the talent behind this band. Low Rent Hustlers- E.P. shows that artists don’t have to stick to one genre, they can play whatever the hell they want and it will still sound good. I highly suggest checking out this album and getting used to it, Bong Hits For Jesus is going to be around for a long time."

"Love their friggin' name....Really really cool cats and an awesome band...a crowd favorite"

Paul Jaxon - DJ 93.3 WMMR Philadelphia

"Like their name, Bong Hits for Jesus is a whimsical rock band that puts on a great show without taking themselves too seriously and allowing the crowd to forget about life for awhile!"

Scooter - Owner/Operator, The Grape Room Philadelphia

“The name of this Philadelphia based grassroots rock band alone is enough to catch the attention of most people — stoners and born-again Christians alike. But the moniker is more of a political statement than a proclamation of love for the green stuff. It’s inspired by a Supreme Court trial involving Joseph Frederick defending his freedom of speech, after being suspended for holding a sign that read “Bong Hits 4 Jesus” across the street from his school during the 2002 Olympic torch relay. Humorous court cases aside, one listen and the uncontrollable nod of your head proves that these guys are serious musicians. The sound is an eclectic mix of styles simmered in the smoky haze of a clam-baked, two-car garage — and it’s pure genius. The elements of funk, punk, blues and psychedelic rock are blended with precision. Bong Hits For Jesus is the type of band Shannon Hoon would have asked to open for Blind Melon. You should definitely make it to this one."”

Jim Morrison - The Omaha Review

"If you’re looking for a quick reference review of the South Philly/ New Jersey rock band Bong Hits for Jesus, we'll stop right here and just call it as it is... an undeniably original, musically talented, refreshingly entertaining rock menagerie. But to really get to know BHFJ, you need to understand the means that justify the end. The band is equal parts indie, experimental, party and folk – but all in all they are a rock band. And it is that diversity both in songwriting and in personalities that make this band the breath of fresh air it has become in Philadelphia & the surrounding region. The band, while extremely tight is, at times chaotic, often energetic but most of all, they are always honest. The passion exuded on stage is intoxicating. So do yourself a favor – look them up, check out their recordings and history online, then go see them live."

Vince Volz - Double V Bookings