Bob Livingston / Press

“From the story of Ruby, a little girl showing Bob a shortcut to the sun in “Ruby’s Shoes” to the infectious Rockabilly Groove of “Middle Ages Rockabilly Blues” to the title track “Gypsy Alibi” – there ain’t a runt in the litter. Bob Livingston’s approach to story telling could only be derived from a life rich in experience with close attention paid to aspects often overlooked by most. “Gypsy Alibi” was produced by Lloyd Maines & Bob Livingston for Texas Music International. (www.texasmusic.org) "For me, Bob Livingston’s “Gypsy Alibi” is an addition to my music collection that I am proud to own and meeting Bob was an honor that will forever live in my bank of fond memories" ”

““After 35 years of taking part in recording American classics, think Michael Martin Murphy's 'Geronimo's Cadillac', Jerry Jeff Walker's 'Viva Terlingua' and the Lost Gonzo records to name a few, one might think Bob Livingston would be content to rest on his historical achievements. Not so.' Mahatma Gandhi and Sitting Bull' sounds as though Livingston is just beginning his musical career. And, in some ways, maybe he is. This record combines the energy of a young musician just discovering his voice with the integrity of a seasoned veteran who knows how to use it. The world needs this music, now more than ever. This is one 'cosmic cowboy' who truly gets what that means. Our listeners suggest 'On a Dream with You'. I couldn't agree more."”

Mattson Rainer, Program Director - KNBT-FM PICKS

“Bob Livingston, Mahatma Gandhi & Sitting Bull (Vireo): It is great to hear an album from an Austin musician that doesn't revolve around frat boy patroninzation. No beer references, no hollerin' Texas, no not even the roadtrip offering. What you will find is an adult album aimed at the Country crowd from a longtime Texas music hero. Bob Livingston has ties to Jerry Jeff's Lost Gonzo Band, Gonzo Compadres, etc., what you'll find is true Texas music! This is the kind of album that will take years to build up it's "resume" as on of Texas' best. You won't find this one on the shelves at Wal-Mart, but this is one of the diamonds in the rough that needs an ear! It is released on Austin's Vireo Records. Bob Livingston is no newcomer, however his time has arrived to take center stage! ”

Bruce Kidder, Program Director - KHYI-FM PICKS

““Livingston’s always been a songwriter of the first order…he’s got a master’s way with words and music. ‘On A Dream With You’ pairs Livingston’s gentle tenor with the silky-voiced Eliza Gilkyson for a language duet that’s already receiving well-deserved airplay.””

-Margaret Moser, - Austin Chronicle