Blue Star Creeper / Press

“Blue Star Creeper, Climbing Down From the Moon (out now, Hammer and Anvil, facebook.com/BlueStarCreeper): This band's first full-length album feels more mellow than explosive, but lead guitarist Kelly Blanchard busts out some pretty epic guitar solos. Songs about the mysteries of the universe ("Clues") fit the group's psychedelic-rock sound, while an electric cello adds an element of folk. SARAH ELSON”

“Kelly Blanchard might have skipped on the eye patch, but his orange jumpsuit, cowboy hat and goggles sure made up for it. Blanchard, lead vocalist and guitar player for Seattle's own Blue Star Creeper, stood out both visually and vocally, with a voice and presence that screamed "stop and take a listen, dammit." The psychedelic-folk-rock band also shined with its electric cello player, who was discreetly plugged into a concealed amp.”