Blue Diamond Fillups / Press

“BLUE DIAMOND FILLUPS CD UPDATES THE PAST For Blue Diamond Fillups guitarist Jonnie Zaentz, the band’s mission is simple: play covers and rock. This seems like a well-travelled road, yet JZ keeps it fresh by applying talents that many would like to see in one band, let alone in one person. And who arranged these songs? Who managed the song selection so well by favoring under-covered oldies and even freshening up “This Magic Moment,” a hit for The Drifters and (sort of) Lou Reed? Who did the artwork? Who produced the CD? Who produced the BDF’s “Drive Like Lightening, Crash Like Thunder” video featuring old modifieds peeling down long-forgotten pavement? We’ve probably missed a few other talents, but whatever they are, they’re all in a day’s work for Go-to-Guy Jonnie Z. Otherwise, with re-invention being the step-mother of necessity and all, the boys in the band have every reason to feel good about their debut CD.”