Blind Staggers / Press

““One of my new favorite bands.” ”

Blake Clayton - Ibwip.com

“First up were Chicago's own, The Blind Staggers. They write outlaw love songs. Laura Loo, who shares lead vocals with Damien Christian, sounds like a good-time, country version of Gwen Stefani, but that's not giving her enough credit. She's got a howl and a growl that's uniquely her own. Watching Laura Loo and Damien - it kinda reminded me of what watching Johnny Cash and June Carter must have been like. There's an obvious chemistry that feeds the band's power over the audience. I was smiling the whole time they were on stage by the sheer force of their enjoyment of each other and the music they were making. I will definitely see them again. ”

Patty Templeton - http://pattytempleton.livejournal.com/

““The Blind Staggers have one amazing sound. Little bit of hillbilly and a little bit of punk and it all sounds good to me.” ”

John B. - One Kind Radio

“The Blind Staggers, as the group explains on its MySpace page (myspace.com/theblindstaggers), is not a new band. The four-piece alt-country crew originated as the Press Gang, keeping the name until a local periodical requested promotional photos -- photos that ran alongside an article about a German band also known as the Press Gang. "So with that and a few other mix-ups," writes guitarist Damien Christian, "we figured it would be a good time to ... dub ourselves The Blind Staggers." Fortunately, the new name is a good fit for the crew's boozy sound. "No Saint" finds Christian yelping over fuzzed-out riffs that owe a heavy debt to Southern rockers the Drive-By Truckers. "Thorazine Shuffle" treads a similar path, the band bashing its way through the ramshackle tune like a bunch of backwoods punks as Christian spirals into heartbreak and hopelessness, screeching, "I can't take it anymore!"”

Andy Downing - Chicago Tribune

“..."Opening the show is Chicago whiskey-rockers The Blind Staggers. So, I completely made up the genre of whiskey-roc...k, but honestly, isn’t this the kind of music you’d want to hear while sipping on some JD?" ”

Richard Giraldi - Loud Loud Loop Press