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"...It feels like Bleu crammed everything he wanted to do here (on "Four") and every track has a compelling melody. The cherry on top is the Roger Manning Jr. collaboration "Everything Is Fine" making this my favorite "missed" classic of 2010."

"...the music maestro Bleu just keeps on rocking. And His new CD Four makes that quite clear with 2 opening tracks "Singin in Tongues" and "BOSTON" that are (simply put) power pop at its best!"

"...Four, is a delicious overdose of power pop goodness: every song awash in memorable hooks. Bleu has a formula for pop music, and he uses it to perfection."

"This is a terrifically accomplished release that’s written, played and sung with deep emotion and seemingly effortless polish."

"One of our city’s rockingest former locals, singer/songwriter Bleu - born William James McAuley III - has written a power-pop love letter to the Hub."

"FOUR is On The Way - In what we are calling one of the most anxiously awaited new albums of 2010, Bleu will release the new full-length Four on Nov 2nd. Based on what we are hearing it is the Boston-native's best album to date, signaling (perhaps more importantly) a new stage is his artistic career and professional identity. Bleu, who now lives in Los Angeles, has left his label and embarked out on his own - a Kickstarter success story."

"There are real places of beauty on Four. “In Love With My Lover” displays the passion in his voice…A favorite of mine on the album, and one of the most meaningful…Another favorite, “Evil Twin,” tells the story of hating who you are becoming. The music and lyrics actually match up on this song and Bleu’s voice is sinister…it is concluded with the song “Everything is Fine”. The introspective song about looking back at life sums up many of the emotions of life and of Four. Bleu’s songwriting skills score with lyrics like “When the years pass like weeds in the grass/ Did your love grow in the looking glass.” "

"It’s hard not to hear a Bleu song and smile. His enthusiasm and joy for music is infectious. Look no further than “Singin’ in Tongues,” the rocking opening track of his latest release..."

"Dynamic, bursting with hooks and polished yet highly personal, Four is the gifted singer/songwriter/producer’s fourth release – complete with Kodachrome photograph of a four-year-old Bleu with his father gracing the cover. “I made this record just for me – and for the fans,” he says. These are the very same fans who, via the DIY fundraising site Kickstarter, raised USD$27,000 (£17,000) in a single week so Bleu could independently release the album stateside. “Four is the adult version of Redhead, in a way,” he continues, referring to his stunning, ambitious debut, which appeared on Columbia/Aware Records in 2003 and earned a spot on NPR’s (America’s hugely influential National Public Radio) Top Ten Records of the Year. “It‘s me as a mature songwriter, loosened up and trying to move toward bigger, more personal themes.'"

“...."This free download comes to you from Bleu, aka William James Mcauley III. It’s taken from his fourth album titled ‘Four’ (out October 25th via LoJinx Records), which was funded by £17,000 raised in one week by his fans through DIY fundraising site Kickstarter."”

“...."Turns out Bleu has fans, and fans with deep pockets. His Kickstarter campaign raised $40,000 in pledges, and his latest album Four will be released in November on his own cheekily named The Major Label. And, yes, the album lives up to its promise as a stick of power-pop dynamite."”

“...."Bleu is a singer/songwriter from LA who has released eight records and written songs for a host of pop stars (the Jonas Brothers, for one). His Kickstarter project is a direct-to-fan release of a new album, with exclusives and early access granted to backers. The project took off like a shot (almost $20k on day one), and it’s never slowed down."”