Blaming Tim / Press

“Clearly influenced by the Ben Folds Five, and in case you didn’t know, I love the Ben Folds Five. This is great. The band even produced a video game to go along with their previous EP. Conceptual piano nerdcore may as well have my name on it.”

“...The resulting "Made for T.V. Movie" combines live action and coloring book animation (rotoscoping) – reminiscent of A-ha's classic video "Take On Me" – to tell a story similar to David Bowie's "Space Oddity," with deadly killer robots thrown in for good measure.”

“...The ’80s nostalgia continued to shine as Blaming Tim nailed The Cars’ “Just What I Needed”...”

“Piano-slingers who write music that not only shows talent, but actually rocks…well, they’re a rare sight indeed, and pianist Tim Johnson and his band Blaming Tim is definitely a band to watch... God help any band that has to follow them.”

“Atlanta-based band Blaming Tim became the first independent band to release its very own video game... The player’s job is to fight off the vampires before they kill the band.”