Blaine the Mono / Press

“Next up and first regional fave of the day for this fan was, Blaine the Mono. My interview with Randi Stickles, lead vocalist for Blaine the Mono, was one of the day's toppers. In a few minutes I learned a lot about her and her band but she earned immediate respect from me, in that speaking to me she looked me straight in the eye. In business I was taught to look for that in people and come to find out, Randi hails from the Pennsylvania corner like I do as well and the wavelength began from there! Ms. Stickles and remaining members of Blaine are driven and determined and it shows in their performance and bleeds through in any interview process. There is a clear vision of success throughout this band...and it shall come to them, no doubt! Blaine the Mono are based out of the Orlando scene and have been together for two years with a combo of both northern and Tampa native musicians that gets their point across on a stage.”

“They are really bringing back the definition of rock & roll...”

“Vices in Verses combines well written songs with great production values. This is an example of an unsigned band releasing material that is fit to go up against the giants of the industry. Highly recommended.”

“Central Florida rockers Blaine The Mono have just released their first full-length album Vices in Verses. It’s not just an incredibly catchy title, but also an album worth listening to. The local quartet offers a nice blend of Alternative, Grunge and Metal that provides a nice glimpse of their potential on a well crafted album.”

“The songs on “Vices In Verses” are diverse enough to cross genres, opening up many more opportunities for music fans to discover and appreciate the band’s music.”

“Blaine the Mono, a four piece alt-rock band who traveled from Florida also played. I was impressed with their lead vocalist's great range, especially her screams that were on point.”

“Blaine the Mono, was formed in early 2011 in Orlando Florida. This up and coming female fronted foursome artfully blends Blues, Grunge, Alternative and Metal to form a fresh, cohesive and catchy sound that really conveys emotion and has captivated audiences leaving them wanting more and more after every show.”

“I can say from a professional standpoint, this groups get 5 stars. They are serious about their work and have shown it through their efforts and determination in letting everyone know who they are. I would suggest that anyone who likes alternative music come see them and the other bands penciled in for this date. Hear their music at mysong.com and follow them by becoming their fan.”

"Many in the crowd were amazed by Stickles vocals and how they would be sweet and delicate one minute, and full-on Metal growling the next."

“If you haven't checked out Blaine the Mono yet, go to their facebook page and have a listen. Their EP is awesome. Going to go see them live this month. Pretty excited about that. ”