BlackListt / Press

“Blacklistt - From The Blind Spot Tour. Blacklistt hit the road for a nationwide tour under a new moniker - showcasing their new tunes 'From the Blind Spot' and 'Worth Fighting For' plus the greatest hits from the Blindspott catalogue, including 'Phlex', 'Nil by Mouth', 'S.U.I.T (So Us Is This)' and 'Room to Breath'. Fans lucky enough to catch Blacklistt at Homegrown 2012 can attest to the industrial strength vigour that the band has been honing for the live arena. It's their first time on the road since the Blindspott farewell tour in 2007 and the boys are hungry to hit the stage, with fresh venom and a point to prove. Lead singer Damian Alexander is pumped to be touring again: “This is the first time the original line up has toured in a long time – we have never been so amped for a tour! We have put a lot of time into crafting a next level show, it’s going to be fuckin sck!!! It’s time for us to give back to all our fans for their unwavering support over the last few years””