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“Black Janet album review: Love Thirsty – “Best Indpendent Release” – 1993 Jammy Awards Black Janet is a real standout in the field of rock and pop music players in Florida. Headed by singer/songwriter Jim Wurster, the act takes deadly aim at a mature style of dark and bittersweet music. His voice is rich with a deep haunting resonance; the song lyrics are rife with themes of love and desire, longing and loss…Last year the band released “Love Thirsty,” a 13 song CD and it recently took honors as Best Independent release for the Statewide Jammy Music Awards. As regional radio play is spreading word of the band, Black Janet is playing gigs in Gainesville, Tampa and Orlando. - Sandra Schulman/Billboard Magazine”

Sandra Schuman - Billboard Magazine

“Black Janet album review: In Many Colors “Light the incense, dim the lights, slide in the cassette, and let the music wash over you. Black Janet will put you in a musical trance. This set – the first full-length from the group voted Best New Band at the recent South Florida Rock Awards – smolders, starting with In the Heat of the Night, a fiery song about sexual tension… Wurster explores another form of tension on Masters of Deception, lashing out at the rampant hypocrisy in politics…there is hope to the set in a song called Long Way to Heaven, an ethereal ballad in which Lewis’ classically trained voice takes on an angelic softness and Wurster’s delivers turns gentle and fluid.”

Mario Tarradell - Miami Herald

“Black Janet album review: SHE (****) "A must hear" - 4 star rating. Imagine an American version of Peter Murphy singing lead with Patti Smith supplying backing vocals while a rock-solid band backs them up, and you might come close to describing the sound of Miami's longtime favorite Black Janet on this self-produced 6-song CD. The band, originated in 1990, has achieved a distinct measure of success despite a number of personnel changes. founder / songwriter / singer / guitarist Jim Wurster has kept his vision alive and the result has been numerous accolades from fans and press alike, including a Jammy for their last album, 1992's Love Thirsty. The bands current line-up includes Wurster, singer Amy Baxter, guitarist Rose Guilot, drummer Frank Binger, and bassist David Paul. With She, Black Janet once again stands to get a good deal of attention. The six-song EP features four tracks penned by Wurster and one song apiece from Baxter and Guilot.”

Jam Magazine