Black Angel Down / Press

"BLACK ANGEL DOWN are the real deal - their headline performance at our Austin '13 showcase during the South X Southwest Music Festival was nothing short of revolutionary. They say you can't re-invent the wheel...maybe so, but these guys do a damn fine job of tryin'...big things are comin' their way."

Gary Jay - LandShark Promotions

“Black Angel Down is one of my favorite bands to work with local or national, great songs, great live performances!”

“Black Angel Down is an amazingly fun up and coming band from the Baltimore, MD area. They brilliantly form an incredible fusion of driving rhythms from the bass (Kevin) and drums (Dan), harmonic lead guitar (Ralphie) coupled with crunchy, distorted rhythm guitar (David) riffs accentuated by smooth and sultry R&B style vocals of Nokio with Tao’s flawless harmonies (both of Dru Hill). Their videos on You Tube brilliantly display the high energy performance quality of the band. Their tightly knit songs make you want to bang your head while shaking your ass. They’re precise technical crafting of their songs displays the talents of the individuals and leaves you with no doubt in your mind that these guys are in it to win it…and they’re really still just getting started…can’t wait to see what happens for these guys next because I know there’s going to be MORE. ”

“In today’s music landscape it is very difficult to produce a hard rock sound that is modern, heavy, and able to compete with the current wave of popular “indie” music. Black Angel Down have managed to create a sound that captures just this combination. their music is heavy yet radio friendly. Powerful songs that still maintain choruses catchy enough to get stuck in your head, urging you to hear that track one more time. Black Angel Down’s stage show is equally powerful. They’ve got a presence on stage that can only come from years of practice. Their show is fun, energetic, and they could easily play along side a wide variety of bands. From the studio to the stage, Black Angel Down are professionals throughout. ”

“Pure rock to its core, this album is dominated by screaming guitars. The driving riff and soaring solo that kick off the EP on “The Wind” set the tone for the rest of the guitar goodness that is to come. Black Angel Down has an aggressive guitar sound that they’re not shy about using and they let it run loose on “Bitter Son” and “Save Me”. This aggressive style also contrasts extremely well with the slower tempo on a few of the tracks like “Pretty Face” and “Rokstar”. It draws the attitude of the guitar out even further.”

“As good as advertised, the aggressive riffs, thunderous rhythm section, and wailing lead guitar are a natural fit for the vocal harmonies of two multi-platinum recording artists. You can expect their set to be a high-energy, hard rock tour de force with lead singer Nokio at the helm.”