Bitchwax / Press

“Bitchwax tears through souped up, adrenaline-fueled songs with light-speed power and sawed-off shotgun intensity."The sound of the band, I don't call it punk rock or metal. It's speed rock is what this stuff is; it's taken off the last few years in the bigger cities," Assman said."Bands like Zeke and Speed Dealer and Electric Frankenstein and Antiseen -- those are examples of bands that play the same type of music, which is real hard-driving. We're real fast. Speed is our thing."For proof, check out "Ride With Bitchwax," the band's blazing debut, expertly produced and engineered by Trevor Huster. Bitchwax plays a CD release party for it on Friday at Sherlocks in Erie, PA. Check out Bitchwax at their official website bitchwaxband.com and email the band directly at bwaxband@gmail.com”