Bird Courage / Press

“ Their breezy sound gave testament to all that’s great about folk music: Not everyone can do it, but tuned tightly and sung from the gut, it feels unabashed, genuine, and you can’t shake it after the jam-shut of subway doors. Silky vocals, a xylophone, and three heads of dred-able locks motivated this sloth-like writer to get up-and-stalking. And after some slap-dash internet due diligence, I present to you my intel on Bird Courage”

“The spirit of their EP, A Promising Flee, reflects the influence of the Tallest Man — masterful acoustic guitar is present, as is the stripped-down yet musically rich folk sound the tracks showcase. Still, this isn’t a strictly imitative effort. The dual vocals lend variety to tracks, as the two alternate taking lead, joining together in rich, Simon and Garfunkel style-harmony. A very solid effort overall, and a promising collection of songs from two musicians I expect to see in places far beyond my subway station.”

“Already raising comparisons to Simon and Garfunkel, and for more than just being an acoustic duo, Bird Courage play stripped down folk with earthy overtones. Based in Bushwick and fronted by Samuel Saffery and Erik Meier, the band has an assuming presence with gentle strength in songs like “Blind in Both Eyes” and “Wind and Oak,” both of which conjure images of a gray, wooded forest in winter’s eve. With four releases behind them, their most recent being “A Promising Flee,” the band has worked tirelessly in their few short (months) together.”

“...because a little melancholy never hurt anyone.”

"...delicate, poignant folk rock at its very best".

"There’s something naturally beautiful in raw acoustic guitar and passionate, whispered singing. Bird Courage plays the Silent Barn tomorrow, and it should be a pure, almost transcendental experience. The modern indie/folk duo is now recording an album due out July 2011"

“Every once in a while we dig out weather-influenced songs, and the damp beginnings to Bird Courage‘s “StephanieStephane” perfectly evoke the rainy days inherent to April.”

"Erik Meier’s voice is an airy, comforting whisper over familiar acoustic. His guitar invites you to have a seat inside yourself, to take a moment and remember life."

"Local musician Erik Meier has been throwing down daily for quite sometime.  You might catch him at a show, open mic, or on the L, G or F train platform, but if you see him he will be playing or waiting to play.  A whirling rhythmic guitar supports fresh, sweet vocals and touching lyrics."

“I almost always love “stripped” versions of songs better than the originals. If a band can perform sans electricity and keep my attention, sign me up. Expert organic performers, Bird Courage are one of those bands. Stripped is nothing new to Bird Courage, who actually met through continually crossing paths while out busking. Together, they can still be spotted on the streets and subways playing songs for fortunate passersby. Like the exquisite marriage of Iron and Wine and The Tallest Man on Earth, their earnest folk instrumentation and introspective lyrics meld to form a sound that is warm and welcoming — listen, kick back, and stay a while. Their latest single, “Mayshower”, praises freedom through light acoustics and dense harmonies..." "Swing and sway the night away to the sound of Bird Courage, who remind us that sometimes less is so much more."”

“...enough heart to fill Madison Square Garden”

"Brooklyn’s folk rock duo Bird Courage formed after its two members, Erik Meier and Samuel Saffery, competed for busking spots inside various New York City subway stations. For them, it’s an interesting way to meet, even more peculiar way to start a band. But thankfully they did because the music they’ve created together on A Promising Flee is precious and delicate, moving and passionate. Each song is a pleading ode, a woeful cry, full of intricate acoustic guitar work and vocal harmonies so beautiful and gentle they seem to float away like big, airy clouds. If you like Fleet Foxes, you will love Bird Courage."

"Off of the A Promising Flee EP, Blind in Both Eyes contains a killer arrangement and some wonderful vocals. The lyrics are filled with remorse and painful admissions that make it easy for most listeners to connect with."

"Bird Courage's music is raw and un-tampered,their instruments can't be any simpler than a guitar and a tambourine,and yet the music is inspiring."