Bill Ward / Press

“For many years I have been truly uplifted, enriched and greatly inspired by the ministry and Christ centered music of Bill Ward. It refreshes ones spirit, remind us of His love, and helps us to find that place of Praise and Worship that draws us even closer to Him. I believe Bill's ministry of music is God's sweet gift to many, for it does aid in transforming lives. Samira Fitts”

Samira Fitts - Bering Drive church of Christ

"Bill Ward’s music is an anointed manifestation of the deep spiritual commitment that is paramount in his life. Refreshing, timeless, inspired—his music cuts straight to the heart and draws us closer to Jesus."

Gina Moore Executive Director - Crosswalk USA

“Bill Ward has been a great spiritual, as well as, musical inspiration to the children of the Fort Bend County Juvenile Detention Center. His musical expertise is only exceeded by his devotion to doing the Lord's work in serving his wayward children.”

Angelo infante - Fort Bend County JDC

"Bill Ward's music is powerful and personally. You will be moved by music that drips with honesty, openness and hope. Through years of worshipping with, ministering alongside of and listening to Bill Ward, I know you will not only be blessed by his music; you will be challenged and encouraged by the man. You don't want to miss an opportunity to restore your spirits."

Sean Palmer - Pastor Temple Texas