Big Sam's Funky Nation / Press

“…Big Sam's Funky Nation is tight enough (and hot enough) to turn coal into a diamond--here's what makes the Funky Nation so infectious: You cannot have more fun than they're having on stage. You cannot smile more than Big Sam. You cannot dance better than Big Sam.”

"I do not understand how you can watch Big Sam's Funky Nation sitting -- unless your legs are broke. The Funky Nation is that good."

“Thousands dance, clap to Big Sam's Funky Nation at Jazz Fest in New Orleans NEW ORLEANS — BSFN, one of New Orleans' most energetic brass bands, had a crowd of thousands on its feet at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival on Saturday… Fans danced and clapped to the music under a sunny sky”

“Few frontment utilize a more unconventional instument than Big Sam, and with brass in hand, the only things working harder than his trombone slide were his feet.”

“The top man on the slide trombone in the birthplace of jazz is Sammie 'Big Sam' Williams... Williams is leader of Big Sam's Funky Nation, a killer septet of young assassins with an explosive blend of hard-driving funk and the festive sound of New Orleans street parades.”

“Their music is in-your-face and unapologetic, like a good, raunchy trombone solo should be… It's a party for party's sake… soul food to get us through the week.”

“As long as groups like Big Sam's Funky Nation helm communal happenings like this one the funky fever is bound to spread. ”