Bickley Rivera / Press

"Bickley Rivera's 'Positive Vibez' is loaded with the kind of take-heed music that speaks to the very essence of how human beings should be behaving. For instance, peace and love is evident in the track 'People All Over The World.' The new album is an abundant feast of reggae goodness and one listen will tell you where Bickley Rivera steel-pan rhythms and creativeness are flowing. She sings and performs reggae music like she feels it."

JO KHOOL - WJKR and WAYO 104.3 FM , Rochester NY

“re. track "Chillin' After Five"..."I must say that it is a beautiful piece of smooth jazz"”

"Bickley is breaking ground with this music"..."your music is like the difference between wine and champagne..."

"this new, attractive young artist shows us that she knows her way around not only the pans and keys but how to comfortably intermingle her style with the type of magnetic magic that has propelled other artists... "

“Your music is incredible and possibly a phenomenon. I have played several of your songs on our station here and absolutely love Pan Funk. Keep going Bickley”

Kosta Bagiartakis - Radio Broadcaster