Ben Gilliam / Press

“Ben Gilliam was born thinking he was better than you. Chances are that he was right, but don't let that stop you from recognizing some basic facts about his existence that aren't true for yours. He's got a lot of sense. Humor, purpose, entitlement. All of the senses are his. Back away. His accomplishments include having good hair, a naturally tan complexion, and being over six feet tall. You might not consider these accomplishments, but your girlfriend does. When in repose, he looks brooding and deep. You might not consider that noteworthy, but again, your girlfriend does. He has several licenses. Driving, killing, artistic. You're getting the picture. Now that your dislike has been established, please understand that he does not care. Not because he hasn't tried, though he hasn't. He has more important things to concern himself with, like rock-n-roll. Plus he's having a lively conversation with your girlfriend. The problem may be that you're a whiney bitch. You get on everyone's nerve”

Rolling Stone

“Time Traveller's Favorite: Now While some musicians obsessively concentrate on future goals involving fame, money, and legacy, Ben Gilliam continues to concern himself with how much he enjoys rock-n-roll right now. If you enjoy it as well, that's a pleasant side effect, and he's willing to share the joy. If you don't enjoy it, he doesn't take offense. You don't have to listen. He doesn't write for you. He writes music for the same root reason that anyone who loves an art practices it. He loves the art. Behind the scenes there aren't thousands of screaming fans dying to bathe in his sweat. There isn't a tabloid worthy scandal taking place just backstage. There is a man sitting down with his guitar and a song at the edge of consciousness until there's a man standing up with his guitar and a song being uploaded in mp3 format. He came from somewhere in the past and he's going somewhere in the future. We can all feel sure it's very poignant and captivating. But, look! A new song just uploa”

?? - The Village Voice