The Bandit Kings / Press

“...I saved the best for last—the final track on the CD—the title track “Epic Hello” stands by itself as a soothing, sad, emotional journey of desire with a matching melody that is rarely stumbled upon by any rock ’n’ roll musicians.”

“COVER ARTICLE EXCERPT: "...The tracks on Epic Hello feel as varied as ever, but still sonically unified. There’s the pleading ballad title track, a jumpy post-punk number (“Down Cold Razor”), a honky-tonk barnburner (“Blue Sky Sundown”), and a modern sounding new-wave tune called “Black Seal.” “Take Another Look” is a prime example of the Bandit Kings fusing together what they do best, and hitting the sweet spot head-on: straight ahead rock ’n’ roll with a propulsive backbeat and a catchy chorus..."”

“... The melody and pacing keep this track go-go-going for the entirety of its three minutes in your speakers. The thing is; the track builds up enough momentum that you will probably want to come back for seconds, thirds, and so-forths. “GoGoGo” is like a pleasant breeze that refreshes and gives you a little push all at the same time.”

“...These musicians are no ironists, camp followers, or genre clowns; rather than treating country as a bad joke, they take the genre, and their work, quite seriously indeed, enough to make even a jaded connoisseur want to really like them, and the care they have put into their debut collection is proof. I am even willing to stick my neck out onto the chopping block—something I’ve done about half a dozen times in the last twenty-six years-—and venture that these guys have the potential to be huge. Not lower-case “h” huge, but Huh-yooooge. I wish them Godspeed.”

“The Bandit Kings are gearing up to unleash their first full length recording, Precious Stones, onto the world tonight at TT’s. They play a style of country jangle rock that’s modern and old-timey at the same moment, as if some wide eyed young country act made their first trip to the big city, walked into a Pretenders show and immediately found their calling. Their songs are heartfelt, drifting ballads that mix in just a little bit of rock to remind you that it’s 2010. They’ll be bringing along some friends to help them celebrate. The BFs will close the night out with authority; John Powhida International Airport brings one of the strongest voices in the city to the stage (seriously, JPo should be a superstar), and Fireking will get everything started with their hard charging rock.”

“The Bandit Kings sound like a country band who skipped the whole Garth Brooks and Toby Keith eras and chose to listen to Patti Smith, early Linda Ronstadt, and Heart’s Dreamboat Annie instead in equal doses. The sound of the duo’s female lead vocal is timeless and the songs are memorable. The arrangements are tight and there is enough rocking to make Lenny Kaye reminisce. I am wet for more… or maybe I spilled my scotch. Either way, this EP has reawakened my love of twang and the bark of an old Fender amp. For the love of Gawwwwwd, please keep making music. ”

“I’ve got a soft spot for old timey country rock and roll, so the Bandit Kings are right up my alley. Finding the perfect ratio of old and new is key for a band like this; remaining faithful to the sounds that came before while adding but being original enough to keep people interested can’t be easy. The Bandit Kings have struck that balance...”

“King said the group's music is "Jangle" Rock, a subset of the folk rock genre influenced by Bob Dylan and early Beatles music as well as more modern performers such as Tom Petty, REM, and the Pretenders. "We're interested in doing a lot of original stuff," King said, adding he and others in the band write their own songs. "We're just having a blast."”