Barbara Lamb / Press

“Seattle native, Nashville resident and fiddler extraordinaire Barbara Lamb, an alum of such local groups as Ranch Romance and Laura Love's band, will demonstrate her special prowess at fiddling and singing with "rhythmic hand percussion loops," triple fiddle harmonic layering and other rare musical feats. You can hear them all in an evening of stompin' musical fun tonight at Belltown's Jewel Box Theater (in the Rendezvous Restaurant). She'll be joined by some unidentified special guests — but cross your fingers that such longtime Lamb cohorts as Seattle's Love and Jo Miller will lend their voices and strums to the honky-tonk doings.”

Misha Berson - The Seattle Times

“I got to see Barbara Lamb a few years ago when she was playing Fiddle with John Cowan and was really impressed with her energy, musicality and stage presence. She's just released a new album called "Twisty Girl" and I got the chance to hear a couple of cuts off of it. Now I have to say if all you like is die hard traditional bluegrass then you won't enjoy this. BUT, if you enjoy music where you can definitely hear the folk/bluegrass roots but has been taken to a different level, then you should definitely give this a listen. You can find the her new album on the iTunes Music Store.”