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“Interview with Ronn McFarlane explaining how he got started on the lute and his contribution to expand the repertoire for the instrument in the modern era”

“SHOWTIME TV SERIES WILL USE RONN MCFARLANE TRACKS: "The Borgias" depicting the powerful 16th century Italian family, has licensed two tracks from Ronn McFarlane's discography: "Catena d'Amore" by Cesare Negri from the Between Two Hearts CD, and "Passacaglia" by Alessandro Piccinni from The Renaissance Lute CD for the premier episode of its second season. The new season premiers on Sunday, April 8, 2012 at 10 PM ET/PT.”


“In the new Anne Rice book, Of Love and Evil, the main character in that book is a Renaissance lute player named Toby O'Dare. At the end of the book, in the Author's Note, she writes: "With regard to the Renaissance lute, I listened to a good deal of music while writing this book, but was singularly inspired by a compact disc called The Renaissance Lute by Ronn McFarlane. Let me recommend to the listener selection No. 7, entitled only 'Pessemeze'. This piece of music proved particularly haunting, and I imagine my hero, Toby, playing it during his concluding hours in Renaissance Italy."”

Of Love and Evil

“Washington Area Music Association (WAMA) presents the Wammies 2011. Ayreheart’s Ronn McFarlane was recognized at the 25th Annual Wammy Awards. The Wammie winner for Best Classical Recording is Blame Not My Lute on the Dorian Sono Luminus label which features Ronn McFarlane on lute and Robert Aubry Davis delivering the spoken word. This program of Elizabethan lute music and poetry is one that Ronn and Robert have performed together live for many years prior to the recording. As you may know, Robert Aubry Davis is the well-known producer and host of Millennium of Music, heard weekly on public radio stations nationwide. He is a frequent lecturer and commentator for arts institutions throughout Washington D.C. and hosts the weekly arts discussion program Around Town for WETA TV in the nation’s capital. The Washington Area Music Awards recognizes significant career achievements by area musicians. Nominations and balloting come from the WAMA members.”