Aurin / Press

“My first impression of the band was that they were one of those great bands that has one foot in the music business and one foot in the wild unsigned world of passion playing. Their album has a very raw power behind it. There are some songs about anger, songs that dig a bit deeper in the dark, but a little research on the band and you’ll quickly discover their passion and activism for such topics as bullying, suicide, and all the in-between isms that coexist within those dark frames. In short, the band gives substance through action which makes me believe in their message all the more and not bulking them in with the many, many bands out there that hit on the same topics in their melancholy and seemingly fall in fashion.”

“If you don’t pick this album up when it’s released on October 14th, you will truly be missing out on one of the best and most emotional albums of the decade. I don’t say that lightly and I realize there have been a ton of albums released but none like Catharsis.”

“You will easily hear how well these songs have been crafted, perfectly fine-tuned for each emotion to be felt and easily accessible they are. I find a hard time listening to this album all the way through because it’s one of the most emotional albums I’ve ever been privy to. What I also have a hard time doing is finding a favorite track because, one moment, I’ll think that it’s one track and the next it’s something entirely different. This album isn’t designed to pick and choose, it’s designed to be an incredible listening experience and tracks like “November”, “Stained”, “Nothing Left”, “Vermin” and, of course, the remastered version of “Holding On” are proof of that. If you were to listen to any of these tracks without hearing the rest of the album, you might find yourself missing out on the incredible overall delivery of it all. This album is designed to show you that you’re not alone. These guys have been through a lot and have no problem sharing”

“With the album completed, and the tracks are all laced up with inspiring vocals, pounding drums, and a blazing guitar-"Catharsis" is about to give the fans of music something to talk about. I mean, there is nothing wrong with this album at all, absolutely nothing.”

“Aurin has definitely carved out a niche of their own with their upcoming release. Like peeling back the layers of an intricate novel, Catharsis is an album that gets better every time you give it another listen. Saturated with haunting vocals and a fluctuating hard rock sound reminiscent of Lacuna Coil, Catharsis has a deeply personal story to tell that makes it relevant and completely relatable. Vocalist Sarah Anderson’s versatility shines through on tracks like “Asphyxiation” and “Vermin”, switching it up beautifully between clean melodies and raw screams. Songs like “Nothing Left”, “The Other Side” and “Hysteria” give Guitarist Andrew Wayne the opportunity to show us that Aurin is not a band that conforms to a single genre. Melding hard rock riffs with dreamy melodic harmonies that infringe a bit on the progressive scale, Aurin creates a compelling sound that will keep you hooked from start to finish.”

“Aurin’s music simply rocks!”

“I really liked the heaviness of the song “Holding On,” as well as Anderson’s vocals on “Control” and her diversity on the mellower track “The Edge.””

"Alas, Aurin has a truly unique sound altogether their own."

"Aurin caught the attention of host Matt O'Shaughnessy recently who immediately added their debut album," The Pre-Inspired Symphony", into heavy rotation."

“Sarah Anderson's vocals wail in front of a very solid group of players. Andrew Wayne's guitar work can transition from a screaming riff to a soft acoustic passage with an enviable ease and fluidity, while the rhythm section of bassist Mike Cantor and drummer Linda Medina lay down a solid foundation for every song.”