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“Atomic Tom has made music for roughly three years, but the Brooklyn four-piece only started making headlines over the past three days. In a video posted to YouTube last Friday (Oct. 15), the group performed its single "Take Me Out" on a New York subway using just iPhones. Since then, the clip has earned nearly 1.3 million YouTube hits and helped the song jump to No. 86 on the iTunes singles chart.”

“Topher Grace conceived of "Take Me Home Tonight" as the first movie set in the 80's that doesn't spoof the '80s -- no ironic comments about brick phones or shoulder pads allowed -- but, well, a funny cast just had to scratch an itch. And now it's going viral. Grace, along with a cast that includes Anna Faris, Dan Fogel, Teresa Palmer, Dimitri Martin and many more, takes on an Atomic Tom cover of the Human League's "Don't You Want Me" in a party that's like IMDB at a rave.”

“Atomic Tom garnered a fair amount of buzz back in October for a viral video in which the band members played a song via their iPhones on the New York subway. Now they're out with a new video — and this one is Facebook flavored.”

“...here comes Atomic Tom doing it right. A sensationally powerful lead singer, driving riffs, and some winding, tightly crafted melodies make for full-on excellent affair. There is very little, if anything, retro about them. They are very new sounding.”

“Atomictom is an energetic pop-rock band that wants to rock your world. They've gained so much buzz that they've earned a weekly residency at the well known rock club Arlene's Grocery. Check these guys out before the rest of the world discovers this great band.”

“Armed with infectious upbeat pop-rock, Atomictom is like a musical bomb that's about to explode on Amie Street! Their songs are filled with themes of love, sex, and madness and sound like a combination of The Cure and The Dandy Warhols.”

“White’s songs, many of which were stripped down Atomictom tracks, translated surprisingly well into deep, melodic strums that had steady, simple bass lines, highlighting White’s thick vocal style.”

Billie Eddington - MTV News