Asleep at the Wheel / Press

“What's not to like? Here's further proof that down in Austin, Benson keeps Wills' legacy spit-polished.”

"The musicians Asleep at the Wheel has are jazz musicians who can play anything; it just so happens they settled in on western swing.” - Willie Nelson

"Music doesn't get any more fun than this. It's the first must-have album of the year."

"Bright, playful and exploding with verve, 'Willie and the Wheel' is one of the first great albums of 2009."

"Willie Nelson and Asleep At The Wheel delivers an awesome selection of timeless western swing hits that will stand the test of time. Each song paints a picture that will take you to a place and time that has practically become extinct. Five Stars"

"Willie and The Wheel - Four Stars"

"Willie And The Wheel celebrates a kindred-spirit teaming of Willie Nelson and Asleep At The Wheel that brings out the best in both. It's also a revelation, as horns add a Dixieland feel to some of the arrangements, bringing the music closer to New Orleans than Texas."

"Willie and The Wheel is the kind of record that makes people want to become real musicians in a way that today’s music doesn’t. Five Stars"

"Willie and The Wheel is record of the year material."

"Willie and The Wheel is one of the finest albums ever recorded."

“You know a band's good when you have to restrain yourself from dancing in the aisles to a tune that's 65 years old. And you also have to give the band chops for playing non-stop for almost two hours and looking like they could go another two.”

“Ray Benson's voice is deep and rich; his guitar work golden and spare. Like blues great B.B. King, Benson makes the most of each and every sweet note. ”

“The night's hottest display of instrumental prowess came during Asleep at the Wheel's time onstage. The pair of sizzling solos from Benson and ace fiddler Jason Roberts, in the middle of Sittin' on Top of the World, was captivating.”

“On the aptly titled Reinventing the Wheel Asleep at the Wheel continues its long tradition of bringing the best of country and swing music past back to the future.”

Rob Patterson - Texas Music Magazine

“Asleep at the Wheel occupies a niche of its own. Quite simply, there is no other band like it.”

Craig Pugh - Omaha City Weekly