As In We / Press

“Confronting a tendency to ride in interesting overriding complex time signatures and an execution of world class musicianship, the track (Knock of the Hidden Hand) is at times heavy and takes away from your own breath just to survive. It also explores sound as a color and paints soothing scenery and electricity, it can be compared to water surging past a funneled trail impeded and unfettered from giant stone.”

“As In We is powerhouse of polyrhythms and intricate guitar work that carriers serious compositional weight in the rock milieu. Guitarists Haven Willis and Eliza Lutz, bassist Gunnar Lyon and drummer Ben Durfee trace their roots to multiple genres from indie pop to post-rock, but combine them seamlessly. As a staunchly collaborative foursome, As In We brings a fierce intensity to its live performances.”

Corvina Sands - Santa Fe Manual

“It's getting harder to make a unique sound these days, being that equipment and other musical tools are affordable and readily available. However, As In We have managed to create a personal face of their own with their debut album As It Should Be.”

"As for music itself, some new acts are making a splash. As In We is one of Santa Fe’s newest bands, and its members are breaking down genre walls left and right. Taking its cues from bands like Explosions in the Sky and Baroness, As In We writes crushing and ambient soundscapes that transition from quiet and beautiful melodies to brutal and mathy riffage. All songs are instrumental."

“It actually reminds me a bit like Explosions in the Sky, but there are still noticeable differences that make these guys a really great listen.”