Ashley Jordan / Press

“NEW ENGLAND TEARS: Please promote this song to everybody...every station in the country needs to play this song, and just maybe, just maybe, this country can start the healing and, more importantly send the message that we need to take the action the we all know we need to take. And you can quote me on that!”

Thomas Gilding - WBSD 89.1FM, Burlington, WI

"Ashley Jordan makes it clear on "Smoke on This Gun" that she's a singer-songwriter not to be trifled with. And not just because of the song's delightfully wicked hard drinking assertiveness. Jordan writes songs that positively steam, that radiate both sensuality and danger.The result is absolutely addictive."

Victor D. Infante - TELEGRAM & GAZETTE

“Ashley Jordan is truly a rising star just about to shine super brightly in the world of music with her combination of musical talent, knack for storytelling, and beyond-her-years professionalism. I say 'Go Girl,' and can't wait to follow her career as it takes off.”

“When you think of current country music in Massachusetts names like Jo Dee Messina or Ashley Gearing might come to mind, but here’s one more to add to that list – Ashley Jordan . . . Get yourself a copy of Liquid Words now and you too can say you knew Ashley when . .”

“You’ll never meet anyone as poised and driven as singer/songwriter/guitarist Ashley Jordan in any walk of life, let alone the music business”