A Shade of Red / Press

“A Shade of Red discusses their new album, Blush. A Shade of Red discusses their new album, Blush. Their CD release party is Friday, October 29th at Canal Street Tavern with Orange Willard. ”

“An early show by A Shade of Red was well performed, and well received. For Georgia Goad of Beavercreek and Sean Pennington of Kettering (yes, much like the Women in Jazz festival they do allow men to perform if the lady is in charge) it was their second public performance of the week. They came to LadyFest from a near triumph at the Canal Street Battle of the Bands semi-finals on Thursday night. “We came in third,” Goad said. An old saying goes, “time flies when you’re having fun,” with which Goad agrees. “It does, absolutely.” When asked how long they’ve been performing as A Shade of Red, Goad replied “We’ve been together for about a year.” Then Pennington added, “Over. I’d say almost two years.” Goad ”