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I arrived in this world May of 1985, in Akron, Ohio. My parents, Bill and Debbie Roth were avid musicians, to say the least. There was not a moment growing up that music was not heard, composed or played in my home. To say I was a musician from the start is an understatement. My dad was a well known drummer who spent his life performing, traveling and teaching. The minute I could pick up a stick, a spark inside of me ignited. By the time my feet could reach the pedals, I knew my fate was sealed. From here, the possibilities were endless.

As a child and early teen, I spent all of my time learning. While others were watching TV and playing video games, I was learning basic principles and practicing rudiments over and over again. From there, I started a few bands and played wherever I could. I was heavy into the local music scene and it was there my interest in engineering began to climb. I had already been working for my brother Will Roth at his company AA Sound and Lighting, so it was already a familiar process to me.

At the age of 16, I started my first studio in the basement of my home. A couple of years later, my studio grew and was relocated to another facility. Over then next 5 or 6 years, my studio as well as my knowledge grew. In 2006, at the age of 21, I relocated from Akron to Athens, Georgia. There, a studio was built from the ground up, the first milestone of my career as an entrepreneur. Over the next couple of years, I successfully ran my studio and produced a number of artists, while still continuing to play whenever I could.

I joined a band by the name of Suburban Soul over that time, which I’m still in today. It was during this period of time I saw my first world tour, running sound for numerous acts. By 2008, I’d felt the itch to relocate yet again. This time, I headed for Nashville, Tennessee, where I teamed up with Akron native producer & engineer Mike Farona. It was there I spent several years aggressively making records, learning about real gear and the science behind it while simultaneously teaming up with as many big shots as I could… and paying attention! You can learn quite a bit staying quiet and simply watching.

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