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Mercury dispersing, breaking apart, coming together, little beads of silver poison always returning to form even when you think it has been broken apart far too long to ever remember what its' former shape even resembled. Just as smooth and just as poisonous, AUTERNUS is much like mercury with its ebb and flow and heavy metal qualities.

The heavy ambient qualities are forefront, creating sound-scapes, thick and hazy without falling into derivative minimalist rock schtick. Then just as you’re beginning to gaze at your shoes and contemplate the dust lint trap of your brain, AUTERNUS snaps your neck back with a barrage of heavy rock, barely balancing between the equal worlds of Isis and A Perfect Circle.

AUTERNUS formed from a chance introduction of Joshua Quint(guitarist/vox) and Jeff Irvine(guitarist). Upon discovering a similar musical taste, the writing process began. After completing a handful of songs the search for other members started, culminating in the recruitment of Joshua Simcosky (drums) and Steve Hittner (bass).

In the fall of 2008 AUTERNUS entered the studio to record their debut EP, "Changing Seasons" which is scheduled to release summer of 2009. Material for a new album has already been written and recording will begin shortly. With a steady schedule of shows planned, AUTERNUS is looking towards the future, while always focusing on the present. Thanks for listening, we appreciate your time and support.

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Jeff/guitar, Josh S. Drums, Joshua Q., Guitar; Steve, Bass
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Kansas City, MO